Who is AntiochCriticalSkills?

Laura Thomas is the Director of the Antioch Center for School Renewal (ACSR), the service division of Antioch University New England’s Education Department and the home of the Critical Skills Program.  Laura is currently involved in research around the experiences of students and educators in rural environments, particularly in the areas of social justice, problem based learning, the Common Core State Standards, and technology integration. The author of Facilitating Authentic Learning, (Corwin Press, 2012), she can be found on Twitter @CriticalSkills1


One response to “Who is AntiochCriticalSkills?

  1. Hi. I ran across your blog and course because you have linked to my Authentic Assessment Toolbox as a resource. I am impressed with your emphasis on critical skills and how you have given some very substantial thought on how to promote these skills. I thought I would mention that I have a new text out on Assessing Critical Skills that addresses the often unfamiliar task of formatively and summatively assessing such vital skills. You can find it at


    Good luck with your work,

    Jon Mueller

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