Why Critical Skills? Why you? Why now?

You’re busy- we’re all busy- so I’ll give it to you straight:  You need Critical Skills because you have high aspirations. You have big goals for your students and you’re tired because big goals and high aspirations can be exhausting.  You want your students to do real work, you want them tIMG_1375o show that they really know how to use the stuff they’re learning- beyond rote memorization and perfunctory projects.  You want the time spent in your classroom to mean something.

You want to do the Maker thing- but you’re not quite sure what that means or how you do it.

You’re suddenly being told you need to use proficiencies or competencies or something like that- but you don’t know how to design lessons that do that and you absolutely don’t love what you’re being given by the big textbook companies.

You want to apply Design Thinking to your classroom, but it feels too big, too hard, too…too.

You suspect (or know) that you’re working harder than your students.

This is why Critical Skills. This is why you.  This why now.

When you come to a Critical Skills Institute, you experience a year in a Critical Skills Classroom.  You’ll experience what it feels like, looks like, sounds like, when teachers act as facilitators and students do the hard, inspiring, energizing work of learning. This is the professional development you’re used to. It’s collaborative, hands-on, and responsive.

It’s professional learning that walks its talk.

You’ll leave with units you can use right away, customized to your own students and your own learning goals and a clear understanding of how to design learning experiences efficiently.

Registration is open now and we’ll fill up quickly.  Take your teaching to the next level.


One response to “Why Critical Skills? Why you? Why now?

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog – lots of useful ideas for Critical Thinking and PBL. I would be really interested to know whether you have looked at http://www.spiral.ac? Please forgive me, as I am a teacher who now works for Spiral (!), but I do genuinely think you might find Team Up (their group work app) of interest. I’d be grateful to you for any feedback that you can give! Thanks, Charlie 🙂

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