Trading Places

It’s been 15 years since I had a classroom of my own.  I’ve taught all manner of graduate students since then, face to face and online, but they’ve all been grownups (at least legally). I’ve been in hundreds of k-12 classrooms, working with teachers at all levels and subjects in all kinds of settings, but my own space, with my own kiddos? Nope.  Not in awhile.

Today that changes.  Well, sort of.  Today I’m starting a new role (while also keeping my old role) as a brand-spanking-new Library Media Specialist in a local (very rural, very small) elementary school.  I’ll only be there one day a week (though I realize it’s going to take more time than that) but I’m totally and completely jazzed and excited.  I’m switching sides- instead of being the coach helping a teacher figure out how to do new stuff, I’m going to be the teacher looking for help.  I’ll be pursuing my Alternative cert (which is something I usually help other people do), so I’ll get to see what that feels like from the other side. Right now I’m back in “how do I do a PO” and “What’s my login for the computer?” land for the first time in a decade and a half.

This is both terrifying and freaking AWESOME.

I’ll keep you posted.  Right now I have to go figure out what all of this stuff means.



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