Sandy Ruined My Trip

In the grand scheme of things, my Sandy hardship is minor. It’s beyond minor, in fact. It’s a flea on the back of a minor hardship. Still, though, it’s MY hardship and, therefore, I get to write about it.  Sandy made me miss the Association of Experiential Education Conference in Madison, WI.  My flight was not only canceled, it was canceled with a “You have no prayer of rebooking” message from the ticket agent. (No joke.  She actually scoffed when I asked about rebooking.)

Now, I present a lot.  I’ve been a featured speaker, a workshop presenter, an Institute coordinator and a school coach.  Why, you may ask, did THIS conference matter to me so much?

Simple: This was the first conference where I was invited to present about my book.  Yes, you read that right:  My Book.  The one that’s coming out today.  Or maybe yesterday- I’m a little fuzzy on the details.  See?  It’s right there:

I was all set. I had a session description and everything!  (RW141:  The Framework for Facilitation: Experiential Learning in the Regular Classroom. Really, your can check! It’s right there on page 19!)

But alas, it was not to be and now I have the gift of two extra days to get ready for the Coalition of Essential School Fall Forum next weekend in Providence.  I hate to let all that work go to waste though, so I’m going to go ahead and post my materials here.  It won’t be nearly as effective as the actual agenda I’d planned, but it’s better than nothing I suppose (check back if you don’t see much- I’ll be adding more over time).  If you have questions or want to talk more about what you see there, let me know.

I’m not letting Sandy beat me though. I have high hopes for next year.  Denver sounds lovely this time of year, don’t you think?


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