It’s all about the learning

My blog posts are usually pretty spare during the summer. Partially because summer is our busy season here at the Center for School Renewal, and partially because I believe in enjoying every moment of the 15 minutes of summer we get up north. Today marks the end of my summer hiatus, however because today was the third EdCamp New Hampshire (formerly at camp keen). Officially my role Is Bringer of Coffee, but always find that my experience is more about what I take and what I bring. (Caffeinated beverages notwithstanding) I’m always surprised by what I learn. Sure, I may have attended a session on Pinterest, but the most interesting things I learned today were the side comments by facilitators about this interesting app, or this really complicated problem that they saw that in this way. I think it’s these marginal moments of conversation that make EdCamp really useful. In the marginal moments are gems of wisdom. Tiny little seeds which may bloom into the answers to questions I never even knew I had. So, while my summer may have been filled up with Institutes, emails, planning, and reflecting, it’s days like today that reminded me that learning is what it’s all about. My learning, kids learning, teacher learning- it’s all on that same experiential cycle right? It’s all about the learning. I can’t wait to see what I learned this year.


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