The F Month

February in New England is usually a long, cold month. This year not withstanding, it’s usually the month in which I discover just how cold it has to be for my the thermometer in my car to stop working (for the record, last year it was -12). It’s also the month that feels furthest from spring and for some reason folks are just generally grumpier this time of year.

I can’t imagine that anyone’s mood is improved in the slightest by the release of standardized test data, can you? Whether your school made AYP or not, there’s something about getting the numbers back that’s just…demoralizing. It’s a reminder that, even though you’re working your hiney off, nothing matters except those numbers. It’s a enough to turn even the most upbeat teacher just a tad cranky.

I suppose there’s a reason they call it the F month. It’s frustrating and filled with futility and it’s No Fun. But…it’s also a time to be fearless and ferocious and fierce in our defense of what matters most- the families we serve.


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