Disruptive Joy -or- an EduLesson from Hogwarts and Seymore

Last time, I wrote about my goal of fighting the endless stream of negativity in the EduPress with something I called Disruptive Joy. The basic premise is simple- laughing at that which we fear makes it less scary. Or, because a video is worth a gajillion words:

If only it were that easy, right? Some of what we fear is hard to laugh at because face it- the world can be a dark and scary place. I’m not glibly suggesting that we can just ignore the reality of the world. I’m not even suggesting that you can change things by simply laughing in the face of your fears. But here’s the thing: our fears and anxieties grow when we feed them. Remember Audrey II?

Let me tell you- if you feed that negativity and worry, it will bleed. you. dry. But if you can find away to disrupt their power with laughter- with joy at the small wins and the amazing moments- they lose their power to control you. Even better- they lose their power to control where you put your valuable, limited resources and attention. You regain control of what you do, which only leads to regaining control of how you feel.

So there you it is. Now get out there and Get Disruptive.


One response to “Disruptive Joy -or- an EduLesson from Hogwarts and Seymore

  1. Because most of the “experts” are really funny too. Laugher is always the best medicine for dealing with the dark.

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