This week in Wisconsin, teachers are standing up for themselves and their students. In Ohio, similar protests are in the works. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that there were emerging pockets of like unrest all over the country- and rightly so. The education system in our country is under attack as it has never been under attack before. Low voter turn out, fear, and misinformation gave us an election that swung the pendulum from moderate to…not at the speed of light.

I’ve been wondering for ages when parents and teachers would rise up and push back against the collective insanity that is federal educational policy. A recent screenings of Race to Nowhere opened the door for the conversation about what we want for our kids. Yes- what We Want for OUR kids. Not the government’s kids. Not the Governor’s or the President’s or the Senate’s kids. We as parents and educators have a right to say no.

So why aren’t we? What are we waiting for?


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