Basic Needs

This hotel has a lot of wonderful qualities. The beds are soft, the staff is helpful and the rooms are surprisingly…roomy, considering that we’re in New York. What the hotel doesn’t seem to have is the capacity for decent coffee.

It’s amazing how important it is for learners to have their basic needs met before they can learn. I was a tiny bit fixated on the coffee situation this morning. I was dreading my morning session on facilitative leadership not because I’m not interested in the content, but because I wasn’t going to have any decent coffee to get me through. Luckily I’ve discovered a little deli across the street and wonder of wonders- they know how to make coffee. Really, really big coffee.

I’m saved. Let the learning begin.


One response to “Basic Needs

  1. Wasn’t there a thing in ed pysh we learned about some guy named Malow and the hierarchy of needs? Guess the level of needs change by the age of the person?

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