Weathering the Storm

For those of you who have power this morning, thanks for checking in. (Those of you without power aren’t even here yet, so here’s hoping the lights come on soon!)

Tom Carroll mentioned last night that the future of learning is in user-driven, user created learning environments working in co-created learning and content spaces to personalize their learning experiences. By and large, teachers aren’t ready for that. They don’t know what facilitation looks like and we don’t generally do a good job of teaching them how to do it. We prepare them for a closed, teacher-centered learning experience in which they are what Ted Sizer called the “primary deliverer of educational services.” This morning, Stephen Jury builds on that with data that points to the need for graduates who can do things like reason, think, problem solve- in other words, the need for graduates who are proficient in the Skills and Dispositions.


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