Call on me! Call on me, Mr Kotter!

Listening to this conversation is sort of making me want to bang my head on the table. Or maybe it’s more that I want to jump up and down in my chair shrieking “ooh! ooh!” a la HorseshackHorshack, cause I sort of feel like we’ve got the answers- and we’ve got the right questions to be asking next- at ANE. First, the answers- Critical Skills, Critical Friends- collaboration, community, inquiry, real-world problem solving. Next the questions- how do we balance all of this technology with the very real need not to overstimulate our youngest children? How do we utilize technology so that it is the spice we use to flavor the meal and to improve the experience rather than the main course itself?

I think that we know what to do- or at least we know how to figure out what to do.  If we wrap our collective Dewey-informed brains around these questions I have absolute certainty that we’ll figure it out.


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