Not another State of the Union Post Mortem

I suppose I could join the chorus of bloggers rehashing last night’s State of the Union address this morning, but I can’t imagine a universe in which I could do it nearly as well as The Quick & the Ed nor could I offer State of the Union Bingo like the National Constitution Center or even this nifty list of links from the good folks at PBS Newshour.

I also didn’t create this Nifty wordle.The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness did that.

I can offer you this, however. It’s the full text of last night’s speech. And I think, combined with the full text of the Republican Response could make for a bang up compare and contrast problem. Especially if one were inclined to ask students to do a bit of fact checking.

Could make for an interesting problem to solve, don’t you think?

Well, look at that. I guess I ended up being one of those bloggers doing SOTU post mortem after all.


2 responses to “Not another State of the Union Post Mortem

  1. More money for education but what about the whole structure of education? As I have retired from the public education field and now work independently I have discovered that there is a world out there that works; and with some slight modifications could probably work for most students. But as I travel from school to school watching teachers teach and listening to teachers teach I see things that continue to disturb me-these disturbances are not things that government can cure; only fellow teachers can fix and we must take up the battle because if the battle is left to government we will have more NCLB’s.

  2. Thanks for sharing my Wordle of the 2010 State of the Union Address!!

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