And Again With the LiveBlogging- SRI Winter Meeting

The sun’s just creeping over the horizon. I sort of know this- but only sort of- because I’m currently riding backwards on the MBTA Commuter Rail, headed into Boston for the School Reform Initiative’s winter meeting. Last time I did this, I was 15 years younger (ouch!) and I was on a plane with some of my dearest colleagues, headed to Santa Monica to present my portfolio, celebrate a year’s hard work, and try to figure out what this National School Reform Faculty thing was going to be. Many of those same colleagues will be with me over the next three days- at least in spirit- and once again we’re going to try to figure this thing out, together. I guess that’s pretty much what you’d expect from a group of folks committed to democracy, equity, and critical friendship.

So get a cup of coffee and check back often. I’ll keep you posted over the next three days.


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