A cold morning

After roasting for two days, we’ve finally got some seasonal weather in DC- just in time to go home. This morning, we’ll be wrapping up by presenting our plans for the future- our next steps, if you will. My immediate next step is to get more coffee, but beyond that, I’m thinking that the Master Teachers Community is going to be integral to the future of this work. I wrote an awkward challenge last night (awkward in its design, not a challenge about how to be awkward), which Peter graciously revised, and I’m going to share it with the group today. As I mentioned last night, though won’t be doing the challenge, they’ll be seeing my plan for next steps by learning about the challenge itself. I’d post it here, but I’d hate to ruin the surprise! Peter and I will be working out the details on how to get a meeting together (not to mention sanding the rough edges off of the challenge) for the Master Teachers. In the meantime? I’m going to find more coffee.

Have a great morning everyone!


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