The Gang’s all Here

Well, we’re through the introductions and I’m thrilled with the cadre of professionals that are in the room. I wish could list them all, but suffice to say that they include some of the best and brightest in professional learning and technology. The conversation thus far has revolved around our projects- the specific things that we’re ostensibly here to do (besides suck up good ideas from everyone around us). While I have a semi-clear sense that my work over the next few days is clarifying the alignment between the CSP and the P21 framework, I’m also starting to recognize that the bigger question is one that links all of us in the room today: How do we simplify our practice so that our message isn’t so overwhelming? The P21 framework is big and a little intimidating,The P21 Framework
which is the same feedback we’ve gotten about Critical Skills over the years. We obviously don’t want to water either down, but how do we get to the simple, elegant interface between delivery, practice and visceral understanding of what it means to “do” Critical Skills in the 21st century?


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