Verification Options

Verification Requirements
Below you will find detailed descriptions of the work for the course.

—    Weekly journal entries submitted to instructor via this space, outlining your efforts in implementing the model.

—    A 2-3 page summary reflection paper on how you went about building and maintaining your class as a collaborative learning community and the results of your efforts.

—    One example each of an academic challenge, a challenge scenario and a real problem you used or plan to use with your students. Include comprehensive background/ contextual information (inc. subject/ topic area, targeting content, critical skill(s) and/ or disposition(s), size of student groups, the experience level of the students working in groups, and duration of the challenge). The corresponding assessment scheme (checklist, scoring rubric, analytic trait rubric, or holistic/ narrative rubric) should also be included.
—    2-3 page reflective paper on the process by which you created the challenges and assessments, the successes and difficulties of your process, and how you will go about creating future challenges and assessments.  It is expected that your process in creating these challenges should be collaborative and the details of this collaborative process should be explained here.

—    2- 3 page descriptive essay on any other ways you may have adapted any dimensions of the Critical Skills Classroom model in your teaching (e.g., use of tools such as carousels, sweeps, jigsaws, etc).

—    Deadline for submission of all documentation is June 1, 2009

Please submit all required documentation to:

Mail:    ACSR
Antioch University New England
40 Avon Street
Keene, NH 03431


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